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Afro Jazz
Afro Jazz classes at Factory Ballet Madrid Centro.

Afro Jazz

Afro Jazz school for adults.

Afro Jazz classes for adults in the Goya Zone Salamanca District, Madrid Centro.

What is Afro Jazz?

It is a unique fusion of styles, the afro provides torso movements and percussive dynamic changes.


It is the mix of African and European traditions, Afro Jazz is strong and elegant at the same time. A highly choreographic dance characterized by wide and very expressive 'feline' movements.


Jazz dance, a set of styles and techniques in which music, movement and interpretive power coexist, was born from the meeting of academic dance techniques with various musical genres: blues, jazz, rock.


African expressive arts (music, song, dance) spread to Europe in the 1970s. Integration with European culture and the encounter with different styles of modern and contemporary dance give life to new 'fusion' genres.


Afro Jazz is a true mix of African and European traditions: if the African matrix provides the rhythmic impulse, the European and Western matrix, in addition to providing the typical structures and codes of jazz dance, contributes to the elegance of the movement.


Our Afro Jazz Dance classes offer the study of the principles and basic techniques, as well as the multiple styles that characterize this spectacular dance genre through an overview of the techniques and methodologies of jazz dance and the exploration of the basic concepts, essence of dance. . African: rhythm, vibration, undulation, relationship and roots with the earth, balance between power, fluidity and precision ...


It is aimed at anyone who really wants to dance and learn with the best!


Afro Jazz classes are aimed at adults, and Adolescents from beginner to intermediate levels, in central Madrid.


2 shows are held in the theater per year.


Awarded for Professional excellence.

Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

1stInitationMo – We18:30 to 19:30



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