Pole dance
Pole Dance classes for adults in Madrid Center.

Pole dance

Pole Dance School for adults.

Pole Dance classes in Madrid Centro, Goya, Barrio Salamanca.

¿What is Pole Dance?

Pole dance is an artistic activity that combines art and fitness with exercises on the pole bar. Pole dance combines acrobatic movements with artistic expressions through a choreography around a vertical bar, similar to that used in pole dancing. With repetitions, increasingly complex figures are achieved that will transform your body, thus achieving a strong and defined physique.

Clothing: You will need a top and a short so that the skin of your arms, abdomen and thighs can be in contact with the bar and have the necessary grip.

5 Main Benefits of Pole Dance.

1.- Flexibility.

2.- Force.

3.- Acrobatic movements.

4.- Raises self-esteem.

5.- Dexterity.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

In our school you will find pole dance classes for adults, starting from level zero to reaching advanced levels.

Pole Dance Schedule
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Adults Mon – Wed 11:00 to 12:00

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1st Pole dance

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Pole dance class is the perfect activity, to get in shape combining sport and dance. Instructions View the schedule. Download the license plate. Fill in the registration and save it in PDF. Send us the registration by email. E-mail:contacto@factoryballet.com  Choose the days of the week and tuition. Proceed with the payment. IMPORTANT - The student will...

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