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The Ballet floor barre is a form of ballet that provides multiple benefits both physically and mentally, using elements of classical ballet. It is a job where the elements of classical ballet classes are used, but by doing them on the floor we improve posture, strength, flexibility and, above all, joint mobility.



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In barbell classes to the floor, the floor is used as the limit of resistance of the exercises and serves to establish the proper, exact and precise alignment of the spine.


Through this discipline inspired by the movements of classical dance, the deep connection with the muscles that perhaps had not been worked correctly or thoroughly enough is complemented, since actions and elements such as strength, stabilization join the bar to the ground. dynamics of the spine, the conditioning of the pelvic area and the inner thigh, offering an excellent and deep exercise session, mainly helping and facilitating the essential and necessary strengthening to maintain balance and control.


The abdominal strengthening, the effective use of the breath and the torso, work in accordance with the corporal balance. Its study is always carried out through the center of the body, thus readjusting the axis of the spinal column, achieving relaxation of the joints and punctually correcting one of the evils of our time: poor posture and rigidity.


Bar to de floor is intended for professionals of ballet, contemporary dance -among other dances- amateurs or people who wish to stay in shape, strengthen and know their body in the same way that dancers do without suffering the limitations that the study of classical dance either by age or by natural anatomy.


Except for classical dance there is nothing quite like it in the delicate, gradual and meticulous procedure of training a person in the same way that ballet professionals do. Unlike other types of dance, the study of classical dance can be considered as a precise, progressive and highly detailed systematic procedure through a program of exercises that serve not only to train a dancer but also for body training and the development of our mental and spiritual life.

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With the flexibility classes you will be able to increase the flexibility of your muscles to achieve openings that are important for classical ballet or other dance disciplines. You will get split openings, grand ecart or leg openings.   Instructions. Choose the days in the week and the enrollment. Proceed with payment.

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