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With the flexibility classes you will be able to increase the flexibility of your muscles to achieve openings that are important for classical ballet or other dance disciplines. You will get split openings, grand ecart or leg openings.


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Stretching improves the flexibility of our muscles and therefore the mobility of our joints. They relieve muscle tension by improving the arrival of oxygen to the fibers and reducing fatigue. Flexibility improves performance and minimizes the risk of injury, as well as improving muscle coordination and reducing the risk of lower back pain. In short, the most important thing and that should convince you without hesitation is that you will injure yourself less.

The work of flexibility is an investment in the future, since the more we cultivate and preserve it, the longer it will accompany us and we will enjoy its advantages. Perhaps muscle recovery and performance improvement are the great banners of flexibility.

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September to June
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1 hour

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