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Classical Ballet and Dance classes for adults in Madrid, Goya area


Classical ballet schools in Madrid center and dance

From our school, we have the best teachers so that you can discover a new form of leisure, art, and even a profession.

Among our repertoire, you will find a wide variety of classes of all kinds:



Ballet classes for adults

For all those people who realize that they lost a part of their childhood by not having been able to give this dance class, or for those who have discovered this beautiful sport, we have professional training courses.

For our classes, age is not an inconvenience, since you can always start giving this type of dance and discover a new world where you will have a great time and discover a new way of practicing sports.



Dance classes for adults

While it is true that we are well known for ballet, we also offer other types of dance classes and courses, from modern to urban dance.

Enjoy a new way of controlling your body thanks to our professional teachers where they will teach you a new way of enjoying your day to day during their classes.



Awarded for professional excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.

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