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Pre dance 3 to 4 years
Ballet and Dance School for 2-year-old boys, girls and babies.

Pre dance 3 to 4 years

Pre Dance and Classical Ballet School for 2-3year-olds

What is the Pre-dance?

Pre-dance classes help children develop their motor skills and musicality in a playful way. The Pre-dance Course not only aims at dancing itself, it also improves posture, circulation, balance and helps develop good body motor coordination, it is a class where there is room for boys and girls.


A regular dance practice, which translates to a couple of classes per week, helps the child to have good cardiovascular health.


The Pre-dance classes are the Pre-ballet preparation course where students learn in a fun way to improve their coordination through music and movements, which will help them work on their hearing and listen to music, beginning their first movements accompanied by a melody. At Factory Ballet we have an annual study plan.


Open classes are held, in which parents will be able to see the development that their boy or girl has had and how well they have in their Pre-dance class.

Pre dance classes are carried out with a companion, dad or mom only if necessary.

Our methodology is perfectly adapted for the age of 3 to 4 years.


Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Gold Medal of Merit for good work. 


Goya and Núñez de Balboa area in Madrid Center.


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Pre-Danza2 - 3 yearsTue-Thu17:30 to 18:15



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Pre Dance 3 to 4 years


In Predance classes, our little ones learn to develop their motor skills and attitudes, using a very fun methodology.   Instructions Choose the days of the week and tuition. Proceed with the payment.   Important: New students have to consult the reception for the registration fee.

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