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Children's singing
Children's singing school for girls and boys in Madrid.

Children's singing

Children's singing school for boys and girls

Singing classes for children in the Goya Area Barrio Salamanca, Madrid Centro.

¿What are Children's Singing classes?

The voice is the sound produced by the human speech apparatus. The conscious emission of sounds produced using the speech apparatus is known as singing. Singing has an important role in the art of music, because it is the only musical instrument capable of integrating words to the musical line. A voice is distinguished by scope, vocal timbre, and vibrato form.

In the children's singing classes, breathing, a good setting, vocal test will be worked on individually and in groups. They will learn songs of different rhythms, different musicals and tempos. The interpretation applied to the song will improve in their vocal technique.

The individual conformation of the larynx and vocal tract is the reason why the individual singer is more distinguishable by his vocal sound than a musical instrument of another of the same type. The vocal technique does not focus primarily on instrumental virtuosity, but on the formation of the correct emission of sound. Since the speech apparatus and the diaphragm are not accessible through nervous sensations, the singing teacher has to use indirect methods of influencing the voice, such as images, muscle sensations in adjacent organs, and vocal tract training.

How many types of song are there and what are they?

In male lyrical singing there is: bass, baritone, tenor and in female lyrical singing there is: alto, mezzo-soprano, soprano.

Two shows are held in the year at the theater.


Awarded for Professional excellence.


Gold Medal of Merit for good work.

In our School you will find children's singing classes from 10 years of age, with the best study plan. Starting from level zero to intermediate levels.

Schedule – Singing Children
Livel Age Day Schedule
1st more than 8 years Tu – Thu 18:30 to 19:30

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1st children's song


You will learn to work, such as warming up the voice, correct breathing, projecting the sound, nasal sound, releasing the voice, intonation, vocalizing correctly to achieve the perfect technique. Instructions Choose the days of the week and tuition. Proceed with the payment. IMPORTANT  Students will have to take a level test. Two annual shows are held at...

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