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Intensive dance and classical ballet courses

Intensive dance and classical ballet courses

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Classical dance and ballet intensive in summer, Easter and Christmas.

Do what makes you happy.




It is the best way to learn to dance and connect with this wonderful world, which is dance, and it can serve either as a first contact with the different styles of dance, as a reminder after a break or perfect your technique.


Enjoy dancing and learning with our intensive courses, as every year intensive dance, modern dance, classical ballet and urban dance courses are taught.


Intensive classical ballet course.

Intensive urban dance course.

Intensive lyrical jazz course.

Intensive contemporary course.

Broadway crash course.

Intensive tap dance or tap dance course.

Intensive interpreting course.

Intensive Singing Course.

Kpop crash course.

Intensive Hip Hop course.

Heels Dance intensive course.

Funky Jazz intensive course.

Intensive Flamenco course.


The courses are taught by great dance professionals with more than 10 years of experience as teachers.


Award-winning center.

Gold Medal of Merit by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness.

Gold medal for professional excellence. 

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