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Integral Training Children
Integral Training Children in Madrid

Integral Training Children

Children's Professional Training School in Dance, Classical Ballet, Urban Dance and Musical Theatre.


What is Comprehensive Training?

Comprehensive professional training is the union of all our training.


This children's training includes training in Dance, Urban Dance, Musical Theater and Classical Ballet. They are all the formations in one in which girls, boys and adolescents can be trained in all disciplines and have a very strong base in all dance styles.



Our training is divided into 6 school courses, each course lasts from September to June.


Evaluation criteria.

Continuous evaluation, final, theoretical and practical exam.


Private degree Endorsed by Factory ballet Madrid and by all its teachers.



The dancers are created on stage dancing, interpreting and enjoying the experiences facing the public, which will help you grow as an artist.

  • 2 shows a year for all courses.
  • Assistant director on stage on request.
  • The 6th grade students will be part of the Factory ballet company.
  • 8 performances a year for the most advanced students.




250 euros per month.



Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.



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Integral children's training


Prepare for the future and face your auditions with confidence, focused on the world of work, and as a complement for actors, actresses, singers, presenters and dancers.   If you want to train in classical ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary, interpretation, singing, musical theater. With this Training you will be able to access all the classes that are...

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