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Classical Ballet training for children

Designed for students who wish to train in the wonderful world of classical Ballet, with very spacious facilities designed to take care of your physical well-being.


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  • Students will have to take a level test.
  • Two annual shows are held at the theater.
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Classical ballet is based on total and absolute control of the body, which must be taught from an early age: students start at 2 years old. Ballet is a discipline that requires concentration, effort, a lot of attitude and as a lifestyle.

Unlike other dances, in ballet, the hands, arms, trunk, head, feet, knees, the whole body is invariably used at each step in a simultaneous conjunction of the muscular and mental dynamics to be expressed in total harmony of movements.

Our trainings in dance, musical theater and classical ballet are the most complete in Madrid, the professional trainings are very flexible and personalized thanks to our long hours and very large facilities.

Our director Christian Erazo Lopez will make a personalized schedule for each of the students based on their level, time availability, age, conditions and student objectives.This training includes the following lessons.

  • 3th classical ballet.
  • 4th classical ballet.
  • 5th classical ballet.
  • 6th classical ballet.
  • Repertoire.
  • Second step.
  • Acrobatics and doors.
  • Tips.
  • Flexibility.
  • Sweep to the ground.
  • Yoga.
  • Pilates

! Important notice The teachers of the center must maintain and respect the level of each class.

Virtual classroom

Our students will have a virtual classroom to support our training, where they will find the following sub categories:

  1. Classical Ballet theory pdf.
  2. Tutorial videos.
  3. Dance history
  4. Featured ballet and dance characters.
  5. Virtual classes.
  6. Annual study plan.
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Course duration
September to June
Duration of Training
3 years
Requirement level
2 per year
Practice in the theater
Private degree

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