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Factory Ballet Internal Regulations

The student agrees to respect the rules established in the internal regulations of the Center.

Students will be obliged to attend their corresponding level, in the event that they attend levels higher than theirs, the teacher or the Directorate will inform them that they must remain as listeners, since it is not their level and could slow down the class or get injured. The student is advised on the time and day so that he can attend at his corresponding level.

Classes will end in the month of June and on the dates that are arranged in the school calendar. In the month of July, intensive sessions will only be held from Monday to Friday.


The students of the center will be able to register in June on the dates established by the center.

New students can enroll in the month of July.

If the student does not formalize the enrollment in the established period, their right to their place will decline.

The groups will be formed with a minimum of 4 registered students.

Those groups that in the school year have less than 4 registered students, the group will be closed.

All regular classes will be taught with a minimum of 3 students.

The academy reserves the right to modify or cancel classes due to lack of students enrolled in the activities.

Within the registration fee of €100 or €120 per year that only infant students pay, the following services are included:

1. Participate in the 2 festivals in February and June.

2. Assistance and care of students.

3. Dress rehearsals at the academy and another at the theater.

4. Search and choice of costumes for a Festival.

5. Purchase or rental of costumes for a single festival.

6. Ironing of the changing rooms.

7. Custom changing room arrangements.

8. Washing and locker room control.

9. Accessories such as: Crowns, Gloves, Flowers, Headbands, Masks, Anklets, Fans, Flamenco Shawls, Wooden Pistols, Swords, Capes, Caps, Hats, and much more.

Those students who damage the costumes of the performances due to misuse of this, their legal guardians will have to take charge of the damage caused and pay for it.

Serious acts of indiscipline, disregard, insults or defiant attitudes on administrative issues and matters that do not concern them committed towards the Teachers, Director and other staff of the center, the Directorate may deny the enrollment to the student for the next year or their expulsion from the center .


1. The uniform will be mandatory for all Factory Ballet students depending on the style of dance the uniform varies.

2. Classical ballet: Black leotard with the school's type logo, light pink ballet tights, light pink half-pointe shoes with a split sole, short black skirt with the logo.

3. Jazz Broadway: Black t-shirt with school logo, black jazz pants and stretch fabric jazz shoes.

4. Claque: Black t-shirt with school logo, white/black claque shoes.

5. Pointe shoes used in Factory ballet are purchased in the costume department. (Only for students who do pointe shoes)


The uniforms will be acquired in the costumes department at C/ General Diaz Porlier, 44. Dance shop Madrid.

You can only attend class with the uniform purchased in our sales department, students who wear a different uniform will not be allowed to access class.

1.- Wear the same model, brand and color of jersey, skirt, foot warmers, socks and jackets depending on the level.

2.- Wear the same model, brand and color of shoes that are proven to take care of the feet and do a good job in class.

4th-5th-6th Classical Ballet: Students must wear the school uniform, Girls (school leotard with logo, peach-colored ballet tights, pale pink demi-pointe shoes with split soles and bow).

Boys: White jersey, gray tights, white half-pointe shoes, white socks and jockstrap).

Pre-Dance: Sky Blue logo leotard, pink ballet tights, pink mid pointe shoes and white logo skirt.

Pre-Ballet: Sky Blue logo leotard, pink ballet tights, pink mid pointe shoes and white logo skirt.

1st-2nd-3rd Children's classical ballet: Sky Blue leotard with logo, pink ballet tights, semi-pointe shoes, elastic fabric with pink soles and white skirt with logo.

Flamenco: Black flamenco shoes without nails, red flamenco skirt and black leotard with logo.

Jazz Broadway: Black t-shirt with logo, black jazz pants and black stretch fabric jazz shoes.

Urban Dance: Black t-shirt with the school's logo.

Pointes used in Factory ballet are purchased from the costume department. (Only for students who start in Points)

Important: The brand, color and model of the u

You will find the uniform for each course in the clothing department.

Students must come to class neat and clean.

Students MUST ALWAYS ATTEND CLASS IN THE UNIFORM, without any type of accessory or non-established supplement. The use of inserts, large earrings, watches and other accessories that hinder proper work in the classroom and that could harm their physical integrity will not be allowed. Cell phones are also not allowed in the classroom.


Please mark the student's name on all clothing to avoid confusion and loss.

Students must dress in the locker rooms, being forbidden to do so in the classrooms and corridors.


The contracting of courses in Factory Ballet is aimed at people over 18 years of age.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, minors may contract ballet and dance courses, with the prior written permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for all acts performed by minors under their care.


The USER must complete the registration with all the personal data of it.

The user must be of legal age, eighteen (18) years old or have the written authorization of the legal representatives.

All information provided must be truthful. For these purposes, the user guarantees the authenticity of all the data communicated as a result of completing the registration for the subscription of the service. In any case, the USER will be solely responsible for the false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to the Center by the information provided.

When formalizing the registration, the student declares that she is in good physical condition and that she is able to practice exercises without this being detrimental to her health, safety, comfort or physical condition.


To get the most out of the course, we insist on the importance of attending all classes and punctuality.

Students of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th levels of Classical Ballet for children or adults, and 4th of Funky must attend intensive classes in the Center or outside in July. The management may deny the place or lower the course to students who take more than two months of vacation, this decision is designed so that students advance and do not lose good work, guaranteeing a good level in our Professional Center.

Students will be required to send proof of payment and certificate of attendance, to those who enroll in intensive outside the center.

Unexcused absences may have repercussions when the director of the center decides that the student may or may not participate in the activities or shows carried out by the school.

Absences do not entitle the student to make up classes.


Students who arrive late at the beginning of their classes will be able to remain as listeners although they will not be able to paralyze it. Except for students who, by prior notice from their parent or legal guardian, have previously made the request and are authorized by the center.

No student or parent will open the classroom door interrupting the class, the student will knock on the door and ask the teacher for permission to join the class.

Students must wait quietly and in order in the corridors until the teacher arrives and in no case will the doors be opened so as not to interrupt the class that is being taught at that moment.


The schedule of school activities, as well as its operating hours, will be established by the School, which may add or eliminate any service or activity of the school by notifying the students through the means of contact that they have provided.

The opening hours of the center will be from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 17:30 to 21:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00 from September to June. In July the opening hours will undergo changes.

The opening hours will always be reflected on Google Maps and updated instantly, it is recommended to check the opening hours.

Access and rules of Use of the Facilities.

During classes, access to the classrooms is prohibited to people not enrolled in said activity, outside the Center or accompanying the student.

Access to minors will not be allowed unless they meet the requirements indicated above.

Cell phones will be off or silent during classes, except for special situations that will be previously and expressly communicated to the teacher.

The consumption of sugary foods and drinks inside the rooms or changing rooms is prohibited.

The student will try to respect the school facilities for the benefit of all.

The school is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings, sports equipment or any other type, whether the result of theft or simple loss due to carelessness.

Screaming and talking loudly in the corridors and reception area is strictly prohibited.

No material from the center may be used nor may the classrooms be occupied without the prior consent of the Reception or Management.

It is forbidden to use the changing rooms as a rest or meeting area.

Do not wet the floors and litter with food, water or sugary drinks.

During peak class hours, you must leave your belongings collected and tidy, so that the rest of the students can use the locker room.

Holidays and Vacations

Holidays and vacation days are already included in the school's academic calendar. During the academic year the center will remain closed on the dates indicated by the Management. These holidays will not be recoverable nor will any difference be paid.

Lack of assistance and recoveries.

Only regular classes in which the Student has previously communicated the absence for medical reasons will be recoverable.

If the center fails a class, a date and time will be designated to make it up. That date will be chosen based on the availability of the center and the teaching staff.

If during the regular classes no student attends or only 2, the Management may cancel the class due to lack of attendance, being able to recover that class with another class. No refund will be made for this reason.

All groups will be formed with a minimum of 6 students.

Classes will be taught with a minimum of 3 students.

The courses that in the school year become less than 4 students enrolled, the class will be closed.

The academy reserves the right to modify or cancel classes due to lack of students enrolled in the activities.

Registration and Payment

The student who pays the tuition and the deposit DECLARE THEIR TOTAL CONFORMITY with the rules of the School.

Fees and Conditions.

All payments made at the School the first month (monthly fee, registration and deposit) will be paid in cash or card.

From the first payment of the month, the following monthly payments will be paid by direct debit.

The school does not require a period of permanence, without prejudice to which the STUDENT who wishes to withdraw from the school must communicate his withdrawal one month in advance or at the latest on the 15th day of the month immediately prior to the one in which he wishes to withdraw. short.

Fees and tuition are non-refundable. Once the payment has been made, the STUDENT has no right of withdrawal.


Parents may request the appointment by phone and agree with the director and teacher on the date and time.


There is a report card that will be given to students at the end of the evaluations so that parents know the observations and assessment of their children's work at school, as well as the results of the evaluation at the end of the course.



The complementary activities that the center programs are part of the training of our students.

To maintain these activities we need your collaboration, allowing and encouraging their attendance and participation. Attending rehearsals, reinforcement classes, open classes and performances in the Theater.


Two performances are carried out in the school year, one in February and another in June for the end of the course.

Students who withdraw just in the month of the performance, will not be able to participate.

Example: If the performance is on June 2 and the student has already requested withdrawal for the month of June, she will not be able to participate since in June she is not a student of the center.

After the performance in the Theater the students will not have classes on Monday.

All students must have a bag with all their makeup supplies. (lipstick, makeup, rimmel, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, comb, hair gel, hairpins and hairnet for the bow), in all shows you have to send extra ballet tights.

On the day of the presentation they have to come with their respective bow and makeup, the bag that is sent is for punctual touch-ups.


As established in the L.O. 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the data provided will be included in the Factory Ballet Madrid database and over whose data you will have the right to access, oppose, rectify and cancel by contacting to Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz, 67.


The amount of the registration and monthly payment is not refundable for any reason.

The academic discontinuity (unsubscribing for a month) implies the loss of enrollment.

Payments will be charged to the account of the student or legal guardian from the 1st to the 5th of each month and in advance.

Expenses caused by the RETURN of BANK RECEIPTS for reasons OTHERWISE to Factory Ballet Madrid, will be charged to the STUDENT/Assistant ACCOUNT together with the corresponding monthly payment on the receipt for the following month or in the same month. Expense €2 for the returned document.

It is mandatory to communicate the permanent withdrawal, changes in amounts in the monthly payments or that the payment for the month of September of the following course is not charged to your bank account one month in advance or no later than the 15th day before the end of the current month. Otherwise, the Bank will collect the monthly payment the following month. This clause also applies to those students who pay the monthly fee directly at the center. The withdrawal will be requested to the following email contacto.factoryballet@gmail.com.

In the event that the receipt is returned by the student or legal guardian without having previously communicated their withdrawal, as detailed in point (5), the Bank will claim the payment of the unpaid month.

Returned receipts or monthly installments that have not been paid at the school, without complying with what is detailed in point (5) of this document, will be sent to our Agency so that they can make the appropriate claims for non-payment.

Students will be required an extra amount of €40 to reserve a place apart from the registration fee. Said amount will be returned when the permanent withdrawal is requested as detailed in point (5) and there is no pending payment with the School. The amount of which will be returned by bank transfer after 45 working days have elapsed since the cancellation request.

This document is valid to be able to request a refund of the €40 only for students who paid said amount and who do not have pending payments or returned documents.

Students who are domiciled or pay the monthly fee directly at the center, in the event that they do not request withdrawal in advance as detailed in point (5) the deposit will be lost and will not be returned for any reason.

In case of illness of the Teacher, the classes will be taught by other teachers or replaced by another activity until the teacher returns.

In the event that there are new restrictions, the classes will continue to be taught online to guarantee the progress of the students and not paralyze the school year, the monthly payments will be transferred normally to your bank account.

The monthly payments will be charged until the month of June and will be automatically activated again in September of the following school year.

Classes will end as established in the 2022/2023 School Calendar

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