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Training in Ballet, Dance and Children's Musical Theater
Training in Ballet, Dance or Musical theater for children and adolescents.

Training in Ballet, Dance and Children's Musical Theater

Professional School for boys, girls and adolescents.

Our school is dedicated to training children in the following training courses: Classical Ballet Training, Modern Dance Training, Urban Dance Training and Musical Theater Training.

Factory Ballet's Classical Ballet, Dance and Musical Theater Trainings are a success, they bring together all disciplines to train you as a future professional dancer, where you will acquire a strong technique that will help you face auditions for Companies and Conservatories safely or enjoy Dance.

Each module has its own schedule where you will find the Classical Ballet, Dance or Musical Theater Training.


The dancers are created on stage dancing, performing and enjoying the experiences facing the public, which will help them grow as artists.

We performed two shows over the years in the theater as part of our professional training, since we know that they are very important for future dancers.

Students with more advanced levels carry out internships in our young Modern Ballet and Dance Company.

Our training is divided into:

F.P. From classical ballet.

F.P. Of dance.

F.P Of Musical Theater.

F.P Integral.


Awarded for Professional Excellence.

Gold medal for merit to work.

For more information on Hours, Prices and disciplines, consult the training that interests you.

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